Our overarching goals are to identify the monogenetic causes of children with congenital diarrhea, characterize their clinical features and elucidate the molecular and cell biology of the genes involved.

We aim to analyze cohorts of children with defined disease so as to optimize early diagnosis and clinical management, and discover new therapies. 


What We’re Doing

Pediatric COngenital Diarrhea and Enteropathy

(PediCODE) Consortium

Study Contacts

Lead Sites

Hospital for Sick Children
Aleixo Muise – aleixo.muise@sickkids.ca
Yaron Avitzur - Yaron.Avitzur@sickkids.ca

Mattel Children’s Hospital
Martin Martin - MMartin@mednet.ucla.edu

Vanderbilt University
Jim Goldenring - jim.goldenring@vanderbilt.edu
Sari Acra - sari.acra@Vanderbilt.Edu

Boston Children’s Hospital

Wayne Lencer - wayne.lencer@childrens.harvard.edu 

Jay Thiagarajah - jay.thiagarajah@childrens.harvard.edu

Daniel Kamin - daniel.kamin@childrens.harvard.edu